Why Playbooks Publishing Inc.' Reader's Theater Scripts are More Effective Than Repurposed Existing Texts

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When looking to improve reading literacy, many educators and administrators consider reader's theater programs due to their value as a social interactive learning tool. However, the efficacy of such programs is often called into question due to the lack of available scripts that are formulated for different ability levels and accommodate individualized learning. Playbooks Publishing Inc.'s line of Reader's Theater scripts overcomes this obstacle by providing an easy way for all students to participate and be successful while also reinforcing essential course content.

What Is Reader's Theater?

Reader's Theater is an engaging and fun way to improve reading fluency and comprehension. In a reader's theater program, students perform short scripts together as a group. This type of activity helps students learn to read aloud with expression and clarity, work on problem-solving skills, and develop social skills such as teamwork and communication. What's more, reader's theater is a great way to get students excited about reading.

Playbooks Scripts Are Specially Formulated FOR Reader's Theater

Did you know there is a special formula that goes into creating a scripted story for Reader's Theater?

Unlike texts that are simply repurposed for Reader's Theater, Playbooks® are specifically designed to yield results in this type of setting. Our scripts are multi-leveled and color-coded, making it rewarding for students to participate from different reading levels and take ownership of their character roles. Each character role is created to accommodate a different reading level and make it challenging but not frustrating for the student. This is done by using different levels of vocabulary and syllables, among other factors. The essential component here is that students are not aware of which reading levels they are all reading at and the character roles are created with equal participation in mind, regardless of abilities. Lower reading ability does not correlate to less participation! This helps create an inclusive and equitable activity. And because many of our scripts are based on popular children's stories and fairy tales, students will be familiar with the content and eager to participate. Furthermore, Playbooks has titles that touch on a variety of core subject matter that can be helpful in other areas such as social studies or math!

Patented Format: Color-Coded and Multi-Leveled Scripts

Playbooks Publishing Inc.'s line of leveled Reader's Theater scripts is perfect for any classroom or library. The scripts are color-coded and multi-leveled so that readers of all different abilities can participate and benefit from the program. Furthermore, their confidence and self-esteem will improve from equal participation, no matter their ability or fluency. According to a Loyola study, "Word recognition and reading comprehension improves 27% when text is presented in color compared to bold text, and 35% when presented in color compared to contrasting fonts". Playbooks Publishing Inc. holds the patent on this unique format of color-coding and multi-leveling dialogue in Reader's Theater scripts so you won't find this level of quality in another product!

Playbooks Publishing Inc Is Nationally Recognized

The founder of Playbooks, Dianna Cleveland, is a nationally recognized reader's theater expert and it shows in the Playbooks Reader's Theater curriculum! Nominated for the U.S. Department of Education's "Let's Read, Let's Move" initiative, Cleveland brought 20+ years of expertise to Playbooks. Furthermore, Playbooks Reader's Theater has been featured in AfterSchool Today magazine as "What AfterSchool Is Using".

Reader's Theater Scripts That Include Core Subject Knowledge

Playbooks scripts also include subject matter that encompasses course knowledge. For example, our social studies scripts cover a variety of topics such as history, government, and economics. This helps to reinforce essential content while also keeping students engaged and excited about the reader's theater program. In addition, our science scripts are written specifically for the elementary-high school level and cover a variety of topics such as Earth's systems, plants, animals, and biomes. Having core subject matter included in our Reader's Theater scripts is just one more way that Playbooks Publishing Inc sets itself apart from other publishing companies. Furthermore, Playbooks® have categorized their stories by topics like "Family and Friendship" and "Character Education" to name a few. This makes choosing relevant titles for your classroom simple.

Playbooks Reader's Theater Includes Supplements for Each Story

Another thing that distinguishes Playbooks® scripts from a repurposed book or other text is how Playbooks® include resources to build out your reading enrichment program, such as:

  • A comprehensive Teacher's Guide for staff development
  • Methods for evaluating reading levels at multiple points of the program
  • Supplementary activities and role-reading assignment charts
  • Optional props to add-on at the time of purchase
  • Award certificates to give out to students
  • A system for tracking reading fluency growth that makes showing results easy

To Conclude…

Playbooks Publishing Inc.'s Reader's Theater program is more comprehensive and effective than repurposing books or other texts. Our scripts include core subject matter, teacher's guides, reading level evaluations, supplementary activities, role-reading assignment charts, optional props, award certificates, and a system for tracking reading fluency growth. All of these extras make Playbooks Publishing Inc.'s Reader's Theater program the best in the industry. With all of these great resources, you'll be able to see reading fluency growth in your students in no time! So what are you waiting for? With all of these great resources, you'll be able to see reading fluency growth in your students in no time! Start shopping now!


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