Introducing Reader's Theater Jr. ®

Early Childhood Reading Pre-Kindergarten to First Grade


Pre-Kindergarten to First Grade

Reader's Theater, Jr.® is a unique series of six important early childhood topic sets, each of which includes one full-length reader's theater story and five mini-stories which are designed to be read first and help prepare young readers for the full-length story (along with additional materials). Each topic kit is available for only $99 each

There are few opportunities for Pre-K and Kindergarten students to engage in true Reader's Theater with their own expressive reading roles, but this series takes a step-by-step approach that both provides students with material at a level they can master, and fosters the growth to allow students to get into character and be part of a story. With this progression of skills and teaching methods, the learning is exponential!

The five mini-stories, called Mini Transition Books, focus on a certain element of the main story in a much shorter format and are designed to be read in a sequence over a series of class sessions that fit the attention span of emerging readers and builds learning. The teacher reads the Easel Book, then the Mini Transition Books, each aloud the first time through, and on subsequent readings, the students will choral read selected parts, marked in a different colored text.

When the class has completed all five Mini Transition Books, they are ready to take specific roles (shared between two to three readers to maximize student confidence) in the full-length story, the Easel Book, and see what Reader's Theater is all about! The full-length story comes in 11 in. x 17 in. Easel Book format and is designed to be displayed at the front of the class for group reading. The Mini Transition Books are in a smaller 8.5 in. x 11 in. size, but still have the oversized text so the teacher can simply hold them at the front of the class.

Topics Included in the Reader's Theater, Jr. Series


Teacher's Implementation Guide

Click on the image above to download the Teacher's Implementation Guide here. The guide walks you through how to get up and running with your Reader's Theater Jr program in no time!

Role Assignment Chart

Click on the image above to download the forms to properly assign roles to your students and maximize fun and confidence. Roles are assigned as good, better and best readers.