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We know there's a lot of options so let us help you navigate all our programs to help you find the best one for you. You can order online or call, email or fax any questions or orders. 

Price List & Order Form

View the entire price list, and submit your order form to info@readerstheater.com or Fax to 949-267-5294


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We accept purchase orders (PO). Please email your PO to info@readerstheater.com. You can find our sole source & W9 below.

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Our specialists are happy to discuss your program and needs and create a custom quote. Call 1-800-375-2926 or email info@readerstheater.com

Grant Narratives

We can help you figure out your funding. Download these narratives to help get grant funding for your programs

>> For After School Programs and 21st Century Community Learning Center Grants

>> For Title One Programs

Payment Options

We can work with you to ensure you can pay for your materials given your purchasing options. We accept the following payment options:

Purchase Order
We accept purchase orders for your order. You can find the pricing on our price list, click here to download our W9, and email your order to info@readerstheater.com or fax to 949-267-5294. Please note the entity for the purchase order is Playbooks Publishing Inc. We are also happy to provide quotes for any products you might be interested in that can be used to create the purchase order. 

Credit Card or PayPal
We accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover and several other credit cards, or PayPal purchases. 

Electronic Check
Contact our customer service department at info@readerstheater.com with your bank routing number and checking account number ready to make a payment.

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