Implementation Tools

We offer an array of implementation tools along with our Playbooks® titles to help you get started in the classroom. 

Excited about your New Playbooks®?

Thousands of schools and after-school and summer programs nationwide have purchased Playbooks® and used the role-play reading technique year after year, while positively affecting the reading skills of millions of students. Find out below how to implement an effective and fun Reader's Theater Program!

Implementation - Quick Start

Watch this video for a 5 minute overview on Reader's Theater and how to use your Playbooks®


"Quick Start" Guide

Short on time? Here's the Quick Start Guide to get you going in a few minutes

Playbooks® Teacher's Guide

A full overview on everything you need to implement your program

Step-by-Step Guide

Includes copies of the forms below.

GET Your Students excited Too!

When you are set to introduce Reader's Theater to your students, you can show them either of these fun videos to explain how it works, and all the fun you'll have together! 

K-5 Student Video

Show this video to your students to get them excited about the class!

Grade 6-12 Student Video

Show this video to your students to get them excited about the class!


Role Assignment Charts

The ultimate Reader's Theater experience happens when students have each been assigned a character role that they can read with success in front of their peers. Each Playbooks® Story/Script has a Recommended Reader Assignment Chart to help teachers assign roles with purpose and care.

Supplemental Activity Sheets

It's not about the Playbooks® story, in addition to a fun book to read with your students, you also get a full workbook of fun activities, games, quizzes and an answer key that relates to each of the stories.

Award Certificates

Make your students feel like stars with these performance awards including Most Encouraging Performer, Best Comedy, Best Facial Expressions and more! Makes the program fun and builds confidence. 

Proper Role Assignment

Proper role assignment creates the most successful reading experience for the students and the most effective reading growth. ​Assign character roles with care so every student has the opportunity to shine in front of their peers.  Follow along with this training PowerPoint. 

Role Assignment Training

Role Assignment Webinar

Learn how to assign reader roles for the best outcomes

10-Story Rotation Webinar

How to use 10 stories and 10 weeks to implement a rotational program

10-Story Rotation Webinar

If you purchased the bundle kits, they are ideal for a 10-week program. You can also do with individual titles.

This webinar is ideal for program directors, coordinators, teachers, and any staff who work directly with students. With step-by-step implementation guidelines presented, getting successfully started with your new Reader's Theater materials will be simple and time efficient. This webinar teaches how to ensure student growth by employing proper role assignments, student grouping, effective story repetition and rotation, expressive reading techniques and behavior, and more. Simple pre and post-assessment materials included in the kit are also taught. Background and support of the method are covered to enthuse your staff, and fun warm-up exercises are introduced to help your staff get students excited.

Additional Forms

Many of our forms are in the Step-By-Step guide so if you are missing any, please check above (if you don't find what you need there, we are happy to send them if you email us at

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