Access All Our Playbooks® With The Virtual All-Access Pass!

The All-Access Pass includes a custom portal and interfaces to track engagement and reading metrics!

Provide your Teachers with our full library and Get insights into Usage and other Stats!

Enjoy all 120 Playbooks® titles in one place. Playbooks® is the most popular social-interactive reading enrichment program in the nation, with its patented Roleplay Reader® format of color-coded dialogue text and easier and harder roles in the same story.

This is an exciting new resource for your teachers and students. With your Reader's Theater Virtual All-Access Pass, your program will have Virtual, Downloadable, and Printable access to our full library of 120 titles within Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, and Grades 9-12. This virtual access comes with a customized portal and customized interfaces.

Pricing is based on certain criteria, so please call us for a quote at 800-375-2926 or email us at

See a video of the All-Access Custom Portal In Action


This video demonstrates a custom portal and entry points for customized URLs for each school, and access to the Playbooks® Library of stories in custom-skin Flip Book Viewers with trackable statistics and more.

Custom Flip-Viewer Branding

The PASS includes a professionally designed custom reading interface with your graphics and logo (or you can design your own). This enhanced reading interface gives your district brand identity and adds a perceived value to the resource. This enhances the reading experience for teachers and students. Also included are links for your schools to download and print (with PDF) all stories included in your PASS.

Custom Branded Landing Page for Your District

Your teachers/instructors enter your district's custom portal at a landing page that lists all of your schools included in the PASS, and they find their own school logo which is clickable to their own custom web page.

Comprehensive Implementation Tools, Webinars, Re-Printables, etc. are provided on each school's custom-branded web page.  

Custom Branded Landing Page for Each School

Your teachers/instructors click on their school logo and they land on their own custom branded page. This page shows all the titles included in your pass. The story characters, their grade level span, and much more is shown clearly on this page. They just click to choose the Playbooks® story and it opens in the custom Flip-Book Viewer all ready for them to read with their students through Zoom or some other meeting service.

Analytics "by Grade Level" of Title Viewing Activity of Your Schools

When your schools view a story, it is tracked as a "view" in your Custom Calameo Portal. This allows you to see what stories your schools are using the most or the least. This can be built to show the "views" for stories by Grade Level, or even more customized, by school (see below).

Analytics "by School" of Title Viewing Activity

This is the most customized portal where you can track the "View Activity" of each school which helps you know which schools are using the resource the most or the least. You can also see which stories are being viewed the most or the least. It can be extremely valuable to you to have the accountability of your schools using your purchased resources with valuable budget dollars. 

Complete Analytics and Statistics of All Viewing Activity

Within your customized portal, an “All Views” statistics page is provided. See this example of one of our Playbooks® Portals. You can also see publication views by month in a bar chart and other comprehensive reporting!

Two levels of logins are created for your custom portal and are required for schools using this resource. This protects your school's data.


Pricing is based on certain criteria, so please call us for a quote at 800-375-2926 or email us at

Why We Are the Best!

Patented Format

Playbooks® are the ONLY Reader's Theater books that are color-coded and multi-level. Playbooks® are easier to read and allow teachers to include students of different levels.

This specialized format is protected under U.S. Patent #7,456,834. Only Playbooks Publishing, Inc. can provide you this ultimate format. Don't settle for lesser copycats


Each reader’s dialogue text, not just the name in the margin, appears in a different color, making it easier for students to follow their character roles, quickly see where their part starts and stops and how much they will read, and easily be prepared for their next turn to speak. This also helps to create a sense of ownership and security in their role which leads to increased reading confidence and involvement. Color does not represent the level of the role, however, so that students do not know they've been assigned an easier or harder role. 


Easier and harder roles in the same story help students avoid stumbling in front of their peers, allowing them to read aloud with confidence and accuracy. Playbooks® multi-leveled character roles are edited using a proprietary leveled word dictionary and strict sentence structure guidelines, so students achieve ultimate success and fluency among their peers. We do not simply assess what an author has written to determine what level the text might be; we actually edit and level the roles!

Research Based

Research shows four repeated readings sufficiently improve reading fluency. Most traditional texts can NOT hold students’ attention for up to four separate readings. Reader’s Theater truly engages students and is the most popular form of “repeated guided oral reading”, creating a fun experience for students and teachers! Check out the study for our Playbooks® program. 


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