Meets Many Common Core and State ELA Standards

Meeting Over 50 Common Core Standards for English Language Arts, Literacy, and Most State Language Arts Standards!

Reader's Theater Methodology Is a Research-Based and Approved Method of Teaching Reading Fluency and Comprehension, Meeting Over 50 Common Core Standards for English Language Arts, Literacy, and Most State Language Arts Standards!

Reader's Theater provides readers with a desired and legitimate reason to re-read text and to practice fluency. Reader's Theater also promotes cooperative interaction with peers and makes the reading task appealing.


"Repeated and monitored oral reading most effectively improves reading fluency and overall reading achievement."

-Put Reading First (Second Edition)


"Fluency is the crucial bridge between word recognition and comprehension. And repeated oral readings are a key method for building fluency in all students."

-Teaching Children to Read


"Word recognition and reading comprehension improves 27% when text is presented in color compared to bold text, and 35% when presented in color compared to contrasting fonts"

Reader's Theater meets nearly 50 objectives

Meets Common Core Standards

Reader's Theater meets nearly 50 objectives in the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy! Reference to drama is woven throughout the entire 66-page document, revealing Reader's Theater as applicable to sections addressing literature, language, fluency, and even writing. Per the elements in these standards, roleplay reading is an activity spanning every corner of the subject!

Educational progressives recognize the far-reaching benefits of plays and expressive reading opportunities such as Reader's Theater.

State Standards Met With Reader's Theater

As an educational tool, using the Reader's Theater Methodology can provide a dynamic and effective addition to the classroom that meets numerous educational standards. Teachers find that Reader's Theater methodology augments their existing instructional materials in a manner that allows children to increase skills while concurrently having fun. The concept of "enjoyment and entertainment" provides students with a needed diversion from existing instructional materials.

The shift in educational focus from "instructional" to "fun" is the very concept that enhances the student's ability to learn, gain new skills, and create a love of reading. The use of high quality Reader's Theater materials in the classroom stimulates a profound opportunity for students to increase their read-aloud skills and their desire to read.

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State Standards

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