Introducing Our DISCOUNTED Bundle Kits

Multi-Story Bundle Kits by Grade Span

Top 10 Favorite Playbooks® Stories in Three Grade Spans at a specially discounted rate!

DISCOUNTED Multi-Story Kits

Multi-Story Bundle Kits by Grade Span

We have assembled collections of the top 10 favorite Playbooks® stories in three grade spans into "Bundle Kits" along with everything you need for a successful Reader's Theater program with special discounted pricing for the sets!

These kits are ideal for a 10-week reading program as they allow every student to have the opportunity to…
* Read 10 different plays in a small non-threatening group
* Read 10 different roles and repeat them 3-4 times each to quickly build reading fluency
* Perform 1 play in front of other peer groups
* Watch 9 other peer groups perform 9 other plays
* Build reading fluency, comprehension, confidence, and speaking skills

To best understand the most effective Reader's Theater implementation, watch the 10-Story Rotation Webinar below with national Reader's Theater Expert, Dianna Cleveland.


COMEs With

Full of Implementation Tools & Extras!

Each Bundle Kit includes 10 Story Titles, and a Teacher's Guidebook which includes:

Teacher's Guide
Quick-Start Implementation Instructions
Step-by-Step Implementation Instructions
Pre and Post-Assessment Module
Recommended Reader Assignment Forms for Each Story
Award Certificates
Reading Level Correlation to Fountas & Pinell, Reading Recovery, DRA, and Lexile
Links to all Reprintables online
Links to Online Implementation Videos
Links to Supplemental Activity Worksheets
Links to Staff Training Webinars
And even more online tools....

* For printed sets, each story set includes a book copy for the recommended number of readers based on each story's number of characters plus an extra copy for the teacher. This is 5-10 copies depending on the story.

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Grade Level KiTs

For Grades K-2

Grade Level Kit for Grades K-2 ($329)
(Includes 10 titles with 5-8 copies each - Total of 62 Books.*)

Stories Included:
Water Works (Stages 0-2)
Save Your Smile (Stages 0-2)
Babbles Bizarre (Stages 1-3)
Bug Off! (Stages 1-3)
Jake Can't Fake It (Stages 1-3)
Surprise! Uh-Oh! Oh No! (Stages 1-3)
There's No One Like You (Stages 1-3)
Three Goats Gruff Go to the Greener Side (Stages 1-3)
I Want My Room Back (Stages 1-3)
Play a Song for Us (Stages 1-3)

For Grades 3-5

Grade Level Kit for Grades 3-5 ($439)
(Includes 10 titles with 6-8 copies each - Total of 71 Books.*)

Stories Included:
How to Catch Monsters (Stages 1-3)
Doing the Dinosaur Dip (Stages 1-4)
Ucky Duck (Modern Twist) (Stages 1-4)
Can I Get Rid of the Flu by Giving it Away? (Stages 1-4)
The Ice Cream Dream (Stages 2-4)
A Tumblestone Tune (Stages 2-5)
Stone Soup (Stages 2-5)
Mini, the Super Watermelon (Stages 2-5)
1000 Stories of the Patchwork Blanket (Stages 2-5)
The Elves and the Shoemaker (Stages 3-5)

For Grades 6-8

Grade Level Kit for Grades 6-8 ($499)
(Includes 10 titles with 7-10 copies each - Total of 75 Books.*)

Stories Included:
Rumple-Stilt-Who? (Stages 1-5)
Fabulous Food Detectives (Stages 2-5)
How Sandy Got Her Spin (Stages 3-5)
Planet Parade (Stages 2-5)
Who Gives a Hoot? (Stages 3-5)
A Snail's Pace Race (Stages 3-5)
Princess and the Pea (Stages 3-5)
The Veggie Rap (Stages 4)
Soccer Stars (Stages 3-5)
The Bully Games (Stages 3-6)