Grade Level Kit for Grades 3-5
Grade Level Kit for Grades 3-5
Grade Level Kit for Grades 3-5
Grade Level Kit for Grades 3-5

Grade Level Kit for Grades 3-5

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We have assembled collections of the top 10 favorite Playbook® stories in three grade spans into "Bundle Kits" along with everything you need for a successful Reader's Theater program. 

Grade Level Kit for Grades 3-5 ($439)
(Includes 10 titles with 6-8 copies each - Total of 71 Books.*)

These kits are ideal for a 10-week reading program as it allows every student to have the opportunity to…

  • Read 10 different plays in a small non-threatening group
  • Read 10 different roles and repeat them 3-4 times each to quickly build reading fluency
  • Perform 1 play in front of other peer groups
  • Watch 9 other peer groups perform 9 other plays
  • Build reading fluency, comprehension, confidence, and speaking skills

To best understand the most effective Reader's Theater implementation, watch the 10-Story Rotation Webinar in the resources section.

Each Bundle Kit Includes: 4-10 Printed and Bound Copies of each Title depending on the number of roles, & Printed Teacher's Guidebook

Stories Included:

  • How to Catch Monsters (Stages 1-3)
  • Doing the Dinosaur Dip (Stages 1-4)
  • Ucky Duck (Modern Twist) (Stages 1-4)
  • Can I Get Rid of the Flu by Giving it Away (Stages 1-4)
  • The Ice Cream Dream (Stages 2-4)
  • A Tumblestone Tune (Stages 2-5)
  • Stone Soup (Stages 2-5)
  • Mini, the Super Watermelon (Stages 2-5)
  • 1000 Stories of the Patchwork Blanket (Stages 2-5)
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker (Stages 3-5)

Story Overviews: 

  • How to Catch Monsters (Stages 1-3) Amanda ran outside to play, but she was in for a scary surprise! Three frightening monsters were in her yard—and they were hungry! Amanda and her brother, Josh, had to stop them, but how can kids catch monsters, anyway? (2,512 words)
  • Doing the Dinosaur Dip (Stages 1-4) Rex T. Rex and his friends play in their own band. Rex’s friends keep telling him he needs to practice, but he would rather watch TV and listen to his favorite rock star, Triple T. Triceratops. Will Rex be ready for their show? (1,199 words)
  • Ucky Duck (Modern Twist) (Stages 1-4) - In this modern twist of The Ugly Duckling, Spencer realizes that he doesn't fit in. His friends try to help him with many make-over attempts, from braces to tattoos, but he simply doesn't look like the rest of his family! (2,062 words)
  • Can I Get Rid of the Flu by Giving it Away (Stages 1-4) - In a funny reverse scenario, a germ magically comes alive talking to students to try and convince them if they want to get rid of the flu, they just have to give it away! A fun leason on how to NOT spread germs and Social Distancing.(2,433 words)
  • The Ice Cream Dream (Stages 2-4) - Mr. MacRicee is a man who loves ice cream. He eats it every day and enjoys all different flavors. Things are about to change, though, because Mr. MacRicee likes ice cream a little too much.(2,721 words)
  • A Tumblestone Tune (Stages 2-5) - Readers will be wrangled into this tale of how it’s never too late to make the right choices, when “Quick Whip Cowboy” uses his handy musical lasso to change the famous trouble-makers of the town into upright singing citizens! (2,478 words) 
  • Stone Soup (Stages 2-5) - In this positive retelling of a classic tale, a traveler comes upon a town facing a difficult depression. The townspeople are worried about feeding their families, but the traveler has a secret he hopes can help them out! (2,001 words) 
  • Mini, the Super Watermelon (Stages 2-5) - Did you know watermelons are super foods packed with vitamins? This is just what Mini learns when she wanders away from the vine. Discover Mini's superpowers and some interesting healthy facts along with this powerful little heroine! (3,064 words) 
  • 1000 Stories of the Patchwork Blanket (Stages 2-5) - Every year, each resident of Sleepytown contributes a patch to the town's gigantic patchwork blanket, and this year, the town is poised to win the award for creating the "Largest Blanket." Everyone is set to learn a thing or two about traditions ... and teamwork! (3,175 words) 
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker (Stages 3-5) - A long time ago, there was a poor shoemaker who was a gifted artist, but was clumsy, and had trouble sewing the fine stitches of his designs. One night, three little elves came to visit, and seeing his plight, decided to help out. (3,818 words) 

    Each Playbooks® Title comes with access to the following additional resources:
    Quick-Start Implementation Instructions
    Step-by-step Implementation Instructions
    Pre- and Post- Assessment Module
    Recommended Reader Assignment Forms for Each Story
    Award Certificates
    Reading Level Correlation to Fountas & Pinell, Reading Recovery, DRA, and Lexile.
    Links to all Reprintables online
    Links to Online Implementation Videos
    Links to Supplemental Activity Worksheets
    Links to Staff Training Webinars
    And even more online tools....

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