Distance Learning

Our customers are using our online digital versions of our stories/scripts with ZOOM, and other virtual classroom platforms, and implementing our Reader's Theater materials and read-alouds with their students and teachers from their homes.

 ZOOM Your Students to Reading Success! It's Easy with Playbooks® Role-play Reading Stories and our Online Flip-Book Format.

Don't let COVID-19 stop you from keeping your students engaged in reading in the most fun and effective way. Our virtual format allows teachers and students to have a fantastic reading curriculum without physical books or physical attendance, and students and teachers are loving it!

The teacher/instructor shares his or her screen showing the Playbook® in Flip-view format, and each of the students is shown on their own screens as they read their roles aloud and interact with each other and the teacher/instructor. Click by click and page by page; they bring stories to life together! 

This resource provides a virtual implementation of the typical process of role-play reading in small groups where students of all ages and abilities read aloud with expression in front of their peers which rapidly builds reading fluency, comprehension, confidence, and a love of reading.


We have made all our titles available in a Virtual Flip-book Format, and in a Printable PDF for distance learning for only $15 each. Click here for Digital & Printable Products.

To find out more about our All Access Pass, which includes a custom portal and interfaces to track engagement and reading metrics, click here