Grade Level Bundle Kit for Grades 6-8
Grade Level Bundle Kit for Grades 6-8
Grade Level Bundle Kit for Grades 6-8
Grade Level Bundle Kit for Grades 6-8

Grade Level Bundle Kit for Grades 6-8

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We have assembled collections of the top 10 favorite Playbook® stories in three grade spans into "Bundle Kits" along with everything you need for a successful Reader's Theater program. 

Grade Level Kit for Grades 6-8 ($499)
(Includes 10 titles with 7-10 copies each - Total of 75 Books.*)

These kits are ideal for a 10-week reading program as it allows every student to have the opportunity to…

  • Read 10 different plays in a small non-threatening group
  • Read 10 different roles and repeat them 3-4 times each to quickly build reading fluency
  • Perform 1 play in front of other peer groups
  • Watch 9 other peer groups perform 9 other plays
  • Build reading fluency, comprehension, confidence, and speaking skills

To best understand the most effective Reader's Theater implementation, watch the 10-Story Rotation Webinar in the resources section.

Each Bundle Kit Includes: 4-10 Printed and Bound Copies of each Title depending on the number of roles and a Printed Teacher's Guidebook.


Stories Include:

  • Rumple-Stilt-Who? (Stages 1-5)
  • Fabulous Food Detectives (Stages 2-5)
  • How Sandy Got Her Spin (Stages 3-5)
  • Planet Parade (Stages 2-5)
  • Who Gives a Hoot? (Stages 3-5)
  • A Snail's Pace Race (Stages 3-5)
  • Princess and the Pea (Stages 3-5)
  • The Veggie Rap (Stages 4)
  • Soccer Stars (Stages 3-5)
  • The Bully Games (Stages 3-6)

    Each Playbooks® Title comes with access to the following additional resources:
    Quick-Start Implementation Instructions
    Step-by-step Implementation Instructions
    Pre- and Post- Assessment Module
    Recommended Reader Assignment Forms for Each Story
    Award Certificates
    Reading Level Correlation to Fountas & Pinell, Reading Recovery, DRA, and Lexile.
    Links to all Reprintables online
    Links to Online Implementation Videos
    Links to Supplemental Activity Worksheets
    Links to Staff Training Webinars
    And even more online tools....

    Implementation Tools – Playbooks® Publishing (

    We offer two formats:

    PRINT: Books that are already printed and ready for you to use, and

    VIRTUAL/DIGITAL: Stories that are emailed to you that you can print yourself.

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