Free Monthly Reader's Theater Script - February 2024

As we celebrate Black History Month, check out this month's free script, part of our Passengers Series, as our train conductor teaches about famous African-Americans. 


PASSENGERS is a dynamic and creative role-play reading series with scripts that transport students through learning important topics such as Math, Science, and Social Studies in a fun and engaging way.
Curriculum-Based Readers Theater (CBRT) incorporates the basics of traditional Reader’s Theatre—students reading aloud from a script, performing without costumes, props, or stage movement. PASSENGERS CBRT scripts are the interactive learning solution you're looking for to grow reading fluency as well as to retain core subject knowledge. PASSENGERS works by dramatizing the content to make it more interesting and memorable and to inform and entertain.

CBRT is effective for:
  • Increasing retention of curriculum information
  • Improving reading fluency
  • Engaging students in a learning experience
  • Encouraging expression in students' reading!
Thru Social Studies, First Car
Try Our Passengers Series with the first car of the Social Studies train: Famous African-Americans. This curriculum-based Reader's Theater teaches about famous African-Americans.
  • Grades: 3-5
  • Topic: Social Studies

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